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All about golf woods

1. Driver (Wood 1): The driver is the longest and lowest lofted wood in a golfer's bag, usually with a loft of between 8 to 12 degrees. It is used for tee shots on long par-4 and par-5 holes. Its large clubhead and long shaft allow golfers to hit the ball with maximum distance and speed. The driver is typically the most challenging club to hit consistently well because of its length and low loft. A good driver shot can set up a golfer for a favorable position on the fairway for their second shot. 2. Fairway Wood (Wood 3 or 5): Fairway woods come in various lofts, with wood 3 (15-18 degrees) and wood 5 (20-22 degrees) being the most common. Fairway woods are used for long shots off the fairway or for tee shots on shorter par-4 holes. They have a smaller clubhead than the driver but are still designed to provide distance and accuracy. Fairway woods are also useful for approach shots to the green on long par-5 holes. 3. Stronger Fairway Wood (Wood 2 or 4): Golfers also have the option to use stronger fairway woods, such as wood 2 (also called a "brassie" or "spoon") or wood 4, depending on their preference and playing style. These woods have a higher loft than the fairway woods, but lower than the corresponding iron. They are useful for fairway shots requiring extra distance or for shorter par-4 holes. 4. Traditional Brassie (Wood 2): The traditional brassie, also known as the 2-wood, is the predecessor to the modern fairway woods. It has a slightly shorter shaft than a fairway wood and is designed for maximum distance off the tee. Brassies were commonly used before the advent of modern drivers and fairway woods. 5. Modern High-Lofted Driver (Wood 7): Some golfers may also carry a higher-lofted driver, known as a "mini driver" or "high-lofted driver." These drivers usually have a loft of around 16 degrees and are designed to provide distance and accuracy off the tee. They are also useful for fairway shots requiring extra distance, similar to the stronger fairway woods.

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