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We Are Wicked

We create products which massively enhance training and performance. For athletes as well as coaches

IoT, Embedded systems, R&D

With our fast changing lifestyle, various aspects of our lives have also evolved such as entertainment, banking, finance  etc.

Sports, has remained the same. This has resulted in many barriers when it comes to picking up and training sports

  • Coach compatibility

  • Time & money spent on travel

  • High cost of coaching

  • Limited availability of the coach

There are more than 2 billion people actively playing sports. While there are only 53,300 certified coaches worldwide.


We aim to bridge this gap with technology. We not only help coaches take control, but also help athletes improve based on their strengths.

Wicked Technology

What We Are About

Sports + Technology

We are a technology company active in sports. We use technology to create various products with an aim to enhance how people train


We aim to push innovation past the current horizon. We work with various technologies such as wireless, IOT, embedded systems, 

Creating an IMPACT

We aim to create an impact across multiple sports worldwide

Wicked Technology Contact

Our Offices

We are located in Bangalore

We are always happy to meet people who are interested in us or are working on something similar.

We are open for discussion on tech. development, partnerships and distributions

Wicked Technology

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