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Badminton-racket-Shuttlecock-and-court- Automatic Badminton Shuttle Feeder
Automatic Badminton Shuttle Feeder, Machine


Automatic badminton shuttle shooting machine

BirdieBeast can hold 100 shuttles at a time and is capable of shooting at a fixed point as well as randomly shooting on the court. BirdieBeast is also capable of shooting smashes and drives, there a couple of other modes as well which makes it a great product for complete training. BirdieBeast can shoot 30 shuttles in fixed and 22 shuttles in the random mode. This machine is ready and we are ready for sales.

Demo video


Badminton court, Badminton Machine
  1. Total capacity: 100 shuttles

  2. Mode 1: Fixed shooting anywhere on the court

  3. Mode 2: Random shooting near the net, drop shots

  4. Mode 3: Random shooting anywhere on the court, mixed

  5. Mode 4: Fixed line shooting, shooting randomly in a line

  6. Mode 5: Smash/drive shooting

  7. Shooting frequency, Fixed: 30 shuttles/minute

  8. Shooting frequency, Random: 22 shuttles/minute

  9. Switching between the modes is done through buttons provided on the machine or controlled through a remote control/app.

  10. Plastic shuttles used

  11. Adjustable height

  12. Easy to dismantle, carry and assemble

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