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Take control of your training

We use technology to help coaches take control and improve the quality of coaching they impart. We combine wearable tech and machine learning to capture the student’s motion, analyse it and generate actionable feedback that helps the coach curate a customised training schedule for the athlete. We help coaches identify the student’s style, strengths and weaknesses. We not only help coaches get better but more efficient as well.

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CoachCaddy key benefits

Benefits to coaches and academies

1) Train more students - Increase revenue
2) Reduce expenses
3) Train students globally, realtime

Benefits to individuals

1) Reduced training expenses
2) Train any sport, anytime, anywhere
3) Get trained by best coaches globally, realtime


Get detailed analysis

1) Clubface angle

2) Shoulder, wrist and waist motion

3) Sound of contact between the club and the ball

4) Attack angle


5) Clubhead speed & more

Schedule training

1) Have your schedule at your fingertips

2) Check your future and past sessions.

Stay connected

1) Keep connected, even in different cities or countries


2) Get detailed reporting as if you are present right there


Know more

We are currently in the beta testing phase, we will be launching for the public very soon. For queries email to

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